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Want to thank you for all your tips and tricks. You were my fave at the training—the most academic in the way you approach aesthetics. I had 3 filler patients this AM and totally heard you in my head as I refined my technique. Thanks for the hands-on help, and the reassurance to help my confidence. My patients were SO happy with their results today!


Thank you for the awesome training last night! You do such a beautiful job managing many different personalities. You’re a pro and do everything with elegance and grace. I absolutely adore you! 

Dearest Connie. I don’t know how to ever thank you for being there in a moment of distress. After experiencing a vascular occlusion for the first time, I knew exactly who to call and you were there and continued to be through the entire process. I escaped necrosis and just waiting for bruising to absorb. The outcome would have not been the same had I not had your expertise and knowledge as well as skill. I’ve trained under you over the last 14 + years and everything I know I learned from you! I feel incredibly fortunate to have had the opportunity to learn from you. You are not only professional, skilled and talented but a beautiful kind person. I hope to have the honor to continue to learn from you. Every injector should be as fortunate as I feel to have you in the neighborhood!!!

Truly honored and grateful!!


I had the privilege of attending one of Connie Brennan’s training courses this past weekend. If you have never been to one of her classes yourself, I recommend you place doing so high on your bucket list! Connie imparts a vast wealth of both knowledge and experience to her students with amazing energy. She led us through in-depth facial assessments and skilled us in the newest cannula techniques. I certainly am more confident in employing these tools in my own practice now. She was warm, gracious, and sprinkled humor throughout the entire training. Personally, I walked away from her session more passionate about my profession than ever! It was an honor to study, even if only briefly, under her tutelage. I truly hope I have the opportunity to do so again!


Connie is truly the best in the business. I have had the privilege to attend her training several times over the years and I will never pass up an opportunity to soak up a bit of her knowledge and expertise! She is absolutely incredible at what she does! Thank you, Connie!


Thank you again for the excellent training you provided to our clinic–loved it. One thing that really stood out with you is you really show your “nursing” qualities with the excellent way you approach each person as an individual and complete your consults with the whole individual in mind.

Also, your excellent interpersonal communication skills with individuals. So, thank you again for sharing!!

V.R., WI

You’re simply amazing Connie! Standing in a treatment room with you for 15 mins just observing and listening to your interaction with patients is like getting a cliff note version of multiple years of hard work, dedication, and research. A testament to your skill as an injector equally matched, if not surpassed, by your ability to educate and lead the rest of us 😉


Thank you so much for letting me follow you yesterday! You have no idea how much it meant to be able to spend a day with you. You are the definition of being beautiful on the inside and out! The footprints you have left and continue to leave in this industry are inspiring. I hope to continue learning from you.

Safe travels this week. Keep me updated on an epic training, and forward on any educational links or materials that you think would be beneficial. Also, would love to check out a book from your collection soon!

Connie, you truly are amazing and again, thank you so much for yesterday!!!!


I really appreciate you taking time away from your busy schedule for training. I love all the information to help make me a better injector. Thanks for all you do!


I was a fan girl over five years ago when I first met Connie. In fact, there are techniques that I still use to this day that have been acquired from here.

I am still a fan girl of Connie. My mind is in constant stimulation when training under her. Connie is inspiring, extremely intelligent, innovative and humble. She is objectively a pioneer in the field of aesthetic medicine and practice. One element that sets Connie apart from others is her brilliant mind that is absolutely on fire for both learning and teaching. It is contagious, refreshing and empowering. Connie Brennan, you continue to be a woman that is inspiring to our community. Thank you deeply for sharing your technique, skill, expertise, and passion. Thank you.


 At the conference, I loved watching the different techniques and hearing the explanations as to why. I’m always fascinated because I still feel that I’m trying to figure out which technique I like best. I know it varies with different patients. In all honesty, your mannerism and soothing disposition makes you feel like you’re in a meditative learning🥰


Thank you for sharing your expertise and time with us out in Bozeman, Montana! I took things away from your training that I immediately put into practice. You are a great role model and injector. Thank you for all your help!

B.N., Bozeman, MT

I just wanted to tell you how much I appreciated your training yesterday. You are a generous person and that shows through in your teaching style. I’m greateful to have been a part of it.


I don’t know if you will ever know how grateful I am for you. Or if I will ever be able to repay you for what you have done for me. Julie and I spoke about my path in Aesthetics and I said it was because of your help, I am here today. Doing what the good Lord called me to do, help others. The impact you left on me yesterday, I will never forget. Doing that treatment gave me confidence and having you trust me to do it was uplifting. The way it unfolded was not planned, but I believe all things happen for a reason. Because of your grace, I am now a better person.

I am currently reading The Alchemist. You, to me, are the gentlemen that told the young boy to go, follow his personal legend. You were the sign I needed yesterday that said “keep going M.”.

Often I have a hard time putting words on paper. Just know how grateful I am for you! Have a great day!


All I can say is DO I LOVE MY LIPS (and face!!!) – Thank you cannot express my appreciation of your talent and professionalism Connie!!

Wow!!! I love my new look…..? I hope I wasn’t too hard of a sell and I am so glad you encouraged me to jump out of my comfort zone! Needless to say I am in awe of your expertise and savoir-faire!

I gained so much yesterday. Now I know why the girls (at the office) want you to come to visit (train) more often!

Thank you, Michelle, for facilitating this training. Thank you, Doctors, for allowing me to work for/with you. Thank you to my supportive coworkers!

What a great day we had! ??


Dear Connie,

I hope you will not think I am strange when I say I love you. I don’t mean it in any silly or inappropriate way. You wisdom, beauty, (inner & outer) & compassionate energy @ the Palette class in San Francisco was truly remarkable. When your model/patient cried with the new confidence states she “Could date again” my eyes got a bit wet too. Thank you for generously sharing your knowledge. You are amazing!

Just wanted to say thank you for having me the other day at your Epic training. You were amazing and I learned so much. Hope to see you soon!


Dear Connie,

It was a pleasure to meet you at the Palette class in SF last Saturday. You are truly amazing and I feel so lucky to have met you and learned from you! Thank you for sharing your wisdom.

I have signed up for notices on your website and look forward to a trip to Minnesota for more learning, oh and to see my relatives too.



I recently took a virtual filler injection class with Connie Brennan through Palette. I was so impressed at how excellent her teaching was, it didn’t even feel like a virtual class. She is an excellent teacher and communicator. She was very interactive, always asking if anyone had any questions. She also focused on safety and essentials to keep on hand in the office, in case of potential complications, (occlusions). I really appreciate her emphasizing safety for the practitioner and patient.

In addition, her skills are so impressive! She demonstrated multiple injection techniques on one side of the face and the change compared to the other side was remarkable. I would highly recommend taking any of her classes or learning opportunities, and most definitely her injections if you’re looking for a provider.


I would like to take this opportunity to extend my appreciation and recognition of Connie Brennan as the recipient of TWO very distinguished awards in the Medical Aesthetic world;

1. Top 100 Best Aesthetic Injectors in North America and

2. The distinguished ISPAN (International Society of Plastic and Aesthetic Nurses) Presidents

The first award honors the Top 100 Best Aesthetic Injectors in America as determined by peer and patient votes. There were over 20K nominations from across the country! The second award is a trade award and is determined by peers, recognizing leaders that are dedicated to promoting education, competency and professional development of the nurses in the medical aesthetics field.

We are grateful to all of your contributions to our LifeSpa | MediSpa family. Congratulations Connie!!!

In gratitude.

A.Y. Vice President, LifeSpa

How do I thank you for taking the time to instill life back into my soul? The value and worth of the moments we shared last evening were/are priceless! Thank you for taking the time to hear me, encourage me and champion me to press on and forward in this world of beauty.

The class itself was probably the most valued class I have yet to experience. The small group and details were very educational and applicable! I covet the moments that I get to learn and grow and every instant was relevant and beneficial.

Because of your expertise and talent, you are very sought after, but I am sure you can feel exceptionally drained because we tap into your vast expanse of knowledge and masterliness. Sometimes it is forgotten you have a life, a family and a world outside of your business.


Connie, I would just like to extend another thank you for your presentation/discussion yesterday.

I found it to be very informative and enlightening. You are a true professional and a genuine, kind-hearted person as well. In the event, you hold the same Round Table Discussion, it would be helpful to record it, as I and others, would be more than happy to rewatch it:) If you could direct me to where your consultation article, that you mentioned was published, I would love to read that as well.


Thank you so much for your time and expertise in Kybella training. It was extremely thorough and educational. I hope to work with you in the future. You are very knowledgeable! Excellent job.


I wanted to sincerely thank you for taking the time out of your extremely busy schedule to spend a day and a half with me in training! In my 10 years, I have never learned more in a day and a half! Your knowledge, passion, and sincerity are top notch! Have a great weekend!

A.P., Ohio