Skincare Tips for Teens: Enhancing & Protecting What’s Already Beautiful

Many teens experience various skin problems due to hormonal changes within their bodies. Some of the most common conditions include oily skin, acne and sunburns. While these problems can be quite embarrassing and frustrating, the following tips can help you and your teen avoid them.

Wear Sunscreen

There are many reasons why you should wear a strong sunscreen whenever you’re outdoors. Too much sunlight can cause your skin to burn, but it can also lead to skin cancer. Overexposure can also result in premature aging, blistering, sun spots and freckles.

Cleanse Skin Regularly

It is essential for your teen to cleanse his or her skin regularly, especially if they wear makeup. Look for all-natural products that don’t contain harsh chemicals known to irritate the skin. Avoid products that have an oily base and/or astringent properties. Opt instead for those that contain soothing moisturizers like aloe or chamomile.

Leave Acne Alone

While your teen may be tempted to pop pimples, it is best to leave them alone. When popped, they’re simply spreading the contained infection to other areas of the face, which encourages acne to develop elsewhere. Popping pimples can also lead to unattractive scars.

These are just a few valuable skincare tips for teens that will help them maintain their youthful appearances. Come visit us to hear all about the preventative measures a teen can take to preserve his or her youthful skin!

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