I Did Not Feel Pretty

When I would look in the mirror, someone much older looked back at me. It was surprising. I didn’t feel that way inside. Some things we accept as just a fact of aging, grateful that we are here enjoying the journey, not expecting perfection. And some things can help maintain our beauty as we age gracefully. The year I turned 50 turned out to be the year I started to really feel beautiful again. This is the year I met Connie Brennan.

Before I met Connie, I had had Botox and fillers, but I was not happy with the results. Something was off and I didn’t know exactly what that was. The one thing I knew was this: I did not feel pretty. The skin under my eyes had a ridge and one eye was smaller than the other. There were some strange lines on my face. I didn’t look like the person in her pictures five years ago. Some of that was aging, of course, but the minute I walked into Connie’s office, she knew exactly what had happened to me and how to go about achieving a more natural and youthful appearance.

Much to my surprise, I had too much filler under my eyes. Connie explained about the different types of fillers and where they are best utilized. Connie then dissolved the filler under my eyes and told me to come back in a week. We would not rush and make a mistake in achieving the best results. We would take our time and do it correctly.

A week later, Connie then assessed the situation and carefully explained to me what she would like to do. She injected the correct filler in the correct placement and also used Botox to open my eyes and create a youthful and natural appearance.

Now when I look in the mirror, I see a beautiful me and I see my big, beautiful eyes. I feel absolutely amazing! My results are so natural and so beautiful! I feel like the very best me. And after all, when you feel your best, you radiate that energy and your whole world is affected in a positive way. I feel very blessed to have met Connie.

– Mary B.

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