How to Convince Your Teens to Wear Sunscreen

If you have a teenager at home, you’re probably already aware that many young adults simply do not consider the consequences of too much sun. As a parent, you have the enviable job of teaching them just what can happen when skin is overexposed to the sun.

Fortunately, we’re here to help. As skin experts, we’ve seen the ramifications of too much sun firsthand. Below are the two biggest culprits that both you and your teen should keep in mind the next time they want to go in the sun unprotected.

Premature Aging

Many teens enjoy being young and touting their youthful appearances. Most of them don’t like to think about the aging process whatsoever. In fact, the concept and consequences of getting old tend to be lost on the young. With that in mind, however, teens are also visual people. They may respond to photos of sun-damaged individuals. Before and after shots that demonstrate what frequent sun exposure can do to their skin may do the trick.

The odds are in your favor that teens will not like what they see. Many teens only have visions of glorious tans u2013 they may not even be aware of the adverse, physical side effects from these harmful sun rays. Follow your photo demonstration with an explanation about sunscreen and its effectiveness.

Skin Cancer

Your teens probably know what cancer is but they may not realize how their current habits can dramatically increase their chances of developing skin cancer. Once again, photos of sun-related skin cancer diagnoses can leave a lasting impression.

The pictures may very well shock your teens u2013 and only you can decide how graphic the pictures should be u2013 but this tactic can motivate them to wear sunscreen the next time they’re outdoors.

Everyone wants their children to lead long, happy lives. While we can’t monitor them every minute of the day, we can arm them with the knowledge and support they’ll need to achieve these goals. Call us today to learn how we can assist you in this process.

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