How fruit and vegetable juice improves the skin

Fruit and vegetables provide the body with many vitamins and minerals that are essential to health, but what some haven’t considered is how they can improve the skin as well. People have been looking for many years at various cures and creams to improve skin health, but the answer may very well be in all natural fruits and vegetables that provide great anti-oxidant effects as well as cleansing properties.

Fruit juice and vegetable juice both help skin by supplying it with the building blocks it needs to continually repair itself from the daily barrage of dryness and weathering it encounters. The other function they serve is to rehydrate skin and provide moisture, allowing your cells to roll with the punches and replenish your complexion. Fruit eaten gives your skin the same benefits as it does applied directly to the surface, the only difference is it takes weeks to notice results from dietary changes alone.

If fruit juice is applied directly, results can be noticed a lot more quickly as the juices soak in and take effect. Fruits like kiwis and avocados are known for their textures and health benefits, and have shown some interesting promise if applied in alternative ways. Some people have had great success with these “fruit facials” and tout the consistency of their effects, but this is something that should be experimented with at the individual level for true results.

Peaches, bananas, cucumbers, strawberries, and even pineapple (the inside of course) all make great healthy facials for your skin. Once you have figured out which fruits and veggies work with your skin, you can get that amazing vitality without the price of harsh creams.

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