Another Great Testimonial

This one speaks for itself!

Connie is my secret weapon! I am 44 years old and have been seeing Connie for Botox, and more recently Voluma injections, for 10 years. My skin looks better and younger today than when I first starting seeing her! She takes the time to actively listen to what my concerns are, intently focusing on my facial features and movements, to offer the best and most natural ways to achieve the results I desire. Her understanding of the products she uses coupled with a deep knowledge of face and neck anatomy enables her to achieve beautiful, and most important for me, NATURAL looking results!

I know I sound like a commercial, but it is my true story…Since starting Voluma injections, no one has “noticed”, but numerous people have commented that I’ve lost weight — which I have not. My face simply looks more sculpted and I LOVE it! People frequently comment on how good my skin looks, and I know I largely have Connie to thank for the compliment!

Connie is also a great advisor to the full suite of cosmetic and laser treatments and anti-aging products available on the market — lending her experienced opinion to help me decide where best to invest my “beauty maintenance” dollars. I deeply value her perspective and know she simply wants her clients to look and feel their most beautiful. She customizes the amount and placement of her treatments by person and I appreciate the talent and knowledge it takes to not have a “one size fits all” approach. Connie is simply the best in the business and I’m so glad she’s here in the Minneapolis marketplace!

– XO XO, M

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