A Dramatic Difference

A new client testimonial just came in that we needed to share!

“For about a year before I had my first visit with Connie, I would look in the mirror and try to determine what was different about my face lately – something was “off” and I just wasn’t looking like myself anymore. I’m relatively young, 33, so it’s not that I was wrinkling. My skin was still clear – no breakouts. Skin tone and elasticity were the same. But I just looked different; tired and not as pretty as I used to be. That’s when my mom suggested I go see Connie and see what she could recommend. From the moment I sat down, Connie could pinpoint my problem. My face had lost volume. Unfortunately, it’s not because I had lost weight, but she said my face just had very little fat left and sometimes that happens with age. Connie suggested we use Voluma and a few units of Botox to help lift my eye that was uneven with the other. IMMEDIATELY after she injected the Voluma we could see a dramatic difference. My cheeks and the area around my mouth were full and youthful again. The sunken look had completely gone away in just minutes.

I cannot even express how happy I am with my results – they are truly so much greater than I ever imagined. Connie knew exactly where to inject the product to produce the most benefit. What I’ve learned is that you can work out and eat right to get a great body, you can wear great clothes and have a great hair, but if you aren’t happy with how your face is aging, none of that is going to make you feel better. I now have that confidence back and I have Connie to thank for that!”

— Jessica (client)

Jessica before and after
Jessica before and after
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