What Connie Brennan's Clients Are Saying

“Good morning Connie!
Thank you so much for the amazing job, my face healing really good , you made me physically younger and mentally younger too😁
Hope you have a wonderful day!


Oh Connie, thank you, thank you so very much!! You did such a fantastic job with the Botox and fillers this time on my face and I just could not be more pleased! You truly are an artist and I am so lucky to have found you.💕💕🌻.


I really cannot put into words how thankful I am for you! I feel so much more confident & happy since I had the filler done. I am thrilled! Thank you! 


I don’t think these scars and I will ever part… but we are sure giving it all we can. I have many to thank for their expertise in the beauty world for taking me on this journey and all those that have help my hand and gave me a shoulder to cry on when I needed to cry. But I am sooo grateful and feel so blessed to be being the chair of this very sweet and talented woman – @conniebrennan.np!! I can’t thank you enough for providing me with your talent and your understanding of my desire to do everything I can fix what’s been broken. There is much to continue doing… but I am in the best hands possible! Thank you for being you @conniebrennan.np!


I appreciate you so much. You’ve seriously done so much for my self confidence / self esteem over the years. I am grateful. And you are such a wonderful person – I am blessed to have you in my life


Hi Connie, I wanted to say thank you sooo very much for an awsome experience. I loved learning what you do and the skill and knowledge wow I was blown away….. I also want you to know how much I appreciate what you did for me. I may have a broken heart and emptiness internally but looking in the mirror makes my start to each new day so much easier and nicer. Thank you thank you for making me feel so good..I also want you to know however you did my Botox I would like to do the same it is perfect!!!!!! Love you ❤️


A small token of love and appreciation for your care….ad changing my face into  remarkable transformation!  May these flowers fill your space with beauty to remind you of how talented and special you are to me and all the others in your life.


Connie – I can’t thank you enough! I cried in tears of JOY because for the first time in a LONG time I could take a picture with my kids and not absolutely hate the way I look! I felt like I could finally look at myself in the mirror and see youth, not a worn out mom! This has been truly life changing. THANK YOU!


Hi Connie, I look fabulous! I’m very pleased with the additional filler under my eyes, I don’t look nearly so tired. So we will continue to do that whenever I need it. Also, my forehead is the smoothest and best it has ever been. The marionette lines on my face are almost nonexistent since you filled them. I am so pleased, as always, with your work.


Dear Connie,

I wanted to say “thank-you” and share with you a realization I had today about meeting you 14 years ago.

I was cleaning out my drawers and I found a envelope that said 2001. I opened it and found some pictures of myself that I must of taken back then, only to hide them away for a later time in life when I could look back and say “Wow I sure was pretty when I was 38… what was I complaining about!”

It’s a funny thing, time, we all have it and use it to the best of our abilities, but it’s finite and as I have aged, I realize it’s finality more and more. And yes, at 38 I was pretty, but surprisingly, not any more pretty than I am today, at 52, and it is that….that I want to thank you for because it has every bit to do with you and the work you do.

As your client over these last 14 years I have learned so much about what it is to be beautiful, and age gracefully. If someone would of told me at 38, the best was yet to be…in all honesty I would of thought of them…a liar. It would be hard to quantify how aging while maintaining a sense of beauty has affected my life because it absolutely has… in every way, everyday which makes you and the gift you give to me and many other women…irreplaceable. There are very few things I can’t live without, you are one of them. I am grateful for you, your profession, and the magic you do that continues to make my time here, filled with beauty and a sense of peace as I continue to age in such beautiful ways. And since “a picture is worth more than a thousand word,” I have enclosed that picture of me when I was 38. Just as a reminder to all of us that you never know the impact that one person can have on your life until long after the gift has been given. Thank you Connie for gift you’ve given to me.


I have been seeing Connie for 5 years and cannot say enough wonderful things about her both as a practitioner and an individual. I have total trust in her work and it is a joy to be her client. Her level of passion about her work is inspiring. I know that when I walk out of her office I will be 100% pleased with the results. I know that my individual needs and wishes, as well as my budget, will be taken into consideration when developing a treatment plan. Her work exemplifies the perfect combination of an artist’s eye and exquisite technique. You will never walk out of her office looking overdone or obvious. Your results will be subtle but powerful. You will look like your younger, more beautiful self.

-Jan, RN

Rarely are you fortunate enough to find a health care professional with that rare combination of superlative technical skills and genuine concern for patients.

Connie Brennan RN is such a professional….

She is extremely knowledgable about the newest products and procedures while maintaining a commitment to providing the safest and most personalized care with the most natural looking results.

It is with total confidence and without reservation that I can recommend Connie Brennan RN to anyone who wants to look as young as they feel!


As a cosmetic patient, I look for superior results and a great experience. Connie Brennan has been my provider of choice; her talents and skills are unmatched. This is critical in choosing a provider to ensure the best outcome; after all, it’s not product we pay for, it’s results. Connie also has a unique warm and incredibly friendly personality. She educates me through the entire process and follows me with thoughtful care. I’m confident that Connie is going to give me the best overall results and personal experience possible. I would highly recommend anyone that is considering cosmetic procedures to look no further than Connie Brennan.


“Ok- I just have to tell you this! I have been in the industry for a long time- primarily working with plastic surgeons and NOBODY would ever touch my cheeks (other than that tiny bolus 1 time in my lateral cheeks) because they’re already full naturally. So I was starting to think I was shit out of luck for getting my annoying breaks treated… but WOWWWW- I am OBSESSED with what you 2 did to me today!!!! Thank you soooo much!”


“Just a note to tell you my new forehead is absolutely perfect!! Please take a moment and mark that in your records with three stars that this is what I consistently want! It looks as close to yours as possible😂😂💕Thank you, thank you!”


Connie B. is. gift to women; Lifetime is lucky to have her. Not only is she a leader in her field, shes is the kindest, caring provider I have ever met. She is very special. 


“Hi Connie,
I wanted to tell you how great the filler is working – – I can’t believe how much better those spots look! You are a miracle worker!!!!


You know I only trust the best and that is you! Enjoy your day being a professional Angel.
Love ya.


I have been injected by several different injectors throughout the years. I have to say, Connie is hands down the BEST! She does an excellent job explaining what she’s going to do and is so knowledgeable. She treated multiple areas of my face but I look so natural! Nobody can tell that I’ve had anything done and I continually hear that I look great (never gets old 😉). That’s the sign of an excellent injector! I’ll never see anyone else. Ever. 


I am so very appreciative of the time you spent with me making me look better! You’re a very talented injector. I had no discomfort and felt as ease the entire time. It was an enjoyable experience. I felt totally confident in your care. You took one look at me and knew what I needed to look more youthful….to bring my glow back! I am beyond thrilled with the results.


Connie – I wanted to let you know that I had no bruising at all below my eyes where you did filler. You are awesome!!!! Plus when woke up Saturday morning and looked in the mirror with no makeup on I thought I looked 10 years younger!?

Thank you!


Love ur artwork… Looks unbelievable!!!! My husband says I look rested and great.. Thank you!!


Connie is my secret weapon! I am 44 years old and have been seeing Connie for Botox, and more recently Voluma injections, for 10 years. My skin looks better and younger today than when I first starting seeing her! She takes the time to actively listen to what my concerns are, intently focusing on my facial features and movements, to offer the best and most natural ways to achieve the results I desire. Her understanding of the products she uses coupled with a deep knowledge of face and neck anatomy enables her to achieve beautiful, and most important for me, NATURAL looking results!

I know I sound like a commercial, but it is my true story…Since starting Voluma injections, no one has “noticed”, but numerous people have commented that I’ve lost weight — which I have not. My face simply looks more sculpted and I LOVE it! People frequently comment on how good my skin looks, and I know I largely have Connie to thank for the compliment!

Connie is also a great advisor to the full suite of cosmetic and laser treatments and anti-aging products available on the market — lending her experienced opinion to help me decide where best to invest my “beauty maintenance” dollars.

I deeply value her perspective and know she simply wants her clients to look and feel their most beautiful. She customizes the amount and placement of her treatments by person and I appreciate the talent and knowledge it takes to not have a “one size fits all” approach. Connie is simply the best in the business and I’m so glad she’s here in the Minneapolis marketplace!



Connie – I just wanted you to know how happy I am with the couple of treatments you have done for me. A little bit of Botox and filler plus three skin pens and my appearance has really improved. Honestly, I am 50 years old and I have never felt prettier. And the bonus is that nobody can tell that I did anything, because your work is so subtle. Thank you…I am so grateful.


Connie is by far the most skilled, artistic and customer-oriented injector I have ever run across. Every time I get injected, she shows that she cares for you and the results. Connie takes time and makes the entire experience comfortable and enjoyable. I have always been amazed at the results she provides. She definitely shows through her professionalism and her heart that she puts the patient first and foremost in her practice. I wouldn’t trust anyone else with my face!!!!


When I would look in the mirror, someone much older looked back at me. It was surprising. I didn’t feel that way inside. Some things we accept as just a fact of aging, grateful that we are here enjoying the journey, not expecting perfection. And some things can help maintain our beauty as we age gracefully. The year I turned 50 turned out to be the year I started to really feel beautiful again. This is the year I met Connie Brennan.

Before I met Connie, I had had Botox and fillers, but I was not happy with the results. Something was off and I didn’t know exactly what that was. The one thing I knew was this: I did not feel pretty. The skin under my eyes had a ridge and one eye was smaller than the other. There were some strange lines on my face. I didn’t look like the person in her pictures five years ago. Some of that was aging, of course, but the minute I walked into Connie’s office, she knew exactly what had happened to me and how to go about achieving a more natural and youthful appearance.

Much to my surprise, I had too much filler under my eyes. Connie explained about the different types of fillers and where they are best utilized. Connie then dissolved the filler under my eyes and told me to come back in a week. We would not rush and make a mistake in achieving the best results. We would take our time and do it correctly.

A week later, Connie then assessed the situation and carefully explained to me what she would like to do. She injected the correct filler in the correct placement and also used Botox to open my eyes and create a youthful and natural appearance.

Now when I look in the mirror, I see a beautiful me and I see my big, beautiful eyes. I feel absolutely amazing! My results are so natural and so beautiful! I feel like the very best me. And after all, when you feel your best, you radiate that energy and your whole world is affected in a positive way. I feel very blessed to have met Connie.

-Mary B.

“I failed to tell you you hit a home run with my tx, my face has never looked better, please save “recipe” love you!!❤️”.


Oh my God, Connie I just love you you are the best and I feel like you are a gift for me in this world❤️❤️”. 


Connie is the best nurse in town for Botox and filler. She explains everything and takes time to answer all my medical questions. I have referred her to all my friends and family.


Hi Connie-

I’ve been meaning to send you a note since I last saw you.
You are truly the best and such a ray of sunshine!

Your skill and attention to detail is one of a kind! And your devotion to getting to know your clients and helping them make the correct decisions based on their goals and comfort level is amazing!

It is a journey and your knowledge and ability to educate clients along the way is such a gift to everyone that knows you! Thanks!!
❤️ – Sarah

Connie, I am OBSESSED with what you did to my cheeks. It’s so subtle but I can’t stop looking. Thank you x 1000! Have a wonderful weekend. 


I had not liked the way my mouth looked for many years due to previous filler treatments. Connie was able to immediately diagnose the problem and offered a plan of correction. I now love the way I look and do not feel self conscious. I feel confident and like I look more like myself. Thank you for giving me my smile back!


I first met Connie nearly 30 years ago — I am now 75 and have had the privilege to watch and experience the dedication, caring, artistry of a truly gifted and talented professional who cares deeply for each of her patients .  Connie has the eye of an artist, the empathy and compassion of a friend, the knowledge and skill of a doctor combined with a passion for helping everyone to be their best self.  

I recently had some fillers and when I looked at my reflection when she had completed her injections— I was brought to tears—- not because I looked 20 years old but because I looked refreshed and glowing!  As I looked in Connie’s eyes I saw her heart was overflowing with happiness for the gift her hands created.  Connie is remarkable and beautiful inside as well as her gorgeous face on the outside—- we are all blessed and thank you Connie all you do for us everyday.


Connie Brennan is a ‘Rock Star’ in the world of injectables! I first came to see Connie years ago, to correct a procedure that was done poorly by another provider. Right away, I could tell I came to see the right person. Connie has such a warm and kind-hearted way about her, that I was instantly put at ease. Then with her highly skilled techniques and artistry way, she made things right again!

Her eye for detail and how to create the “best you,” is such a gift to all of her patients and students. That is why her talents are sought after all over the USA. Her schedule of flying around the country, doing trainings and taking care of all of her adoring patients AND always with a smile, truly amazes me! Even with all her “Rock Star Status”, she still remains humble and down to earth.

I have the great fortune to still be a patient of Connie’s after all these years. Her skills have softened the aging process for me, which I am forever grateful! Yes, GRATITUDE is what I have for Connie. Not only for her exceptional skills as a top provider in her industry, but as a role model in how to live life. She is an inspiration to all of us who know and love her!

Thank you Connie!


Thank you for the time you spent with me. I am extremely pleased with the Restylane Silk and you do such a great job. I had a minimal bruising and a very wonderful result. You are amazing.

I just want you to know that I appreciate you always taking time, never rushing through, and always explaining everything as you go along.

It is a pleasure to be your client.


Connie, I want to Thank you for always looking out for me. Your extra care is what I adore about you, your talented, smart and caring for your patients. You are my Beauty Guru and always make me feel special and taken care of. Everything looks wonderful and I’m so happy with the results. I felt so uplifted today, I like the way you make me look and it really does make a difference to me. When I like how I look, it makes me a happier person. We all need to feel good about ourselves. There is nothing wrong with that!


After having seen several different injectors, someone recommended Connie. After I met her and was injected by her, I realized no one else can compare. Connie has the magic. She’s got the artistic eye of a sculptor, looking at every patient’s face differently and objectively recommending the right mix of products to best complement their face. In addition, she is exceptionally gentle. I have been seeing Connie for several years now and wouldn’t go to anyone else.


Jessica before and after

For about a year before I had my first visit with Connie, I would look in the mirror and try to determine what was different about my face lately – something was “off” and I just wasn’t looking like myself anymore. I’m relatively young, 33, so it’s not that I was wrinkling. My skin was still clear – no breakouts. Skin tone and elasticity were the same. But I just looked different; tired and not as pretty as I used to be. That’s when my mom suggested I go see Connie and see what she could recommend. From the moment I sat down, Connie could pinpoint my problem. My face had lost volume. Unfortunately, it’s not because I had lost weight, but she said my face just had very little fat left and sometimes that happens with age. Connie suggested we use Voluma and a few units of Botox to help lift my eye that was uneven with the other. IMMEDIATELY after she injected the Voluma we could see a dramatic difference. My cheeks and the area around my mouth were full and youthful again. The sunken look had completely gone away in just minutes.I cannot even express how happy I am with my results – they are truly so much greater than I ever imagined. Connie knew exactly where to inject the product to produce the most benefit. What I’ve learned is that you can work out and eat right to get a great body, you can wear great clothes and have a great hair, but if you aren’t happy with how your face is aging, none of that is going to make you feel better. I now have that confidence back and I have Connie to thank for that!